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Get Expert Packing at Quality Box and Pack…

Never Worry About Getting Your Box or Package Delivered Safely!

Are you confused or tired of figuring out how to pack your items safely and securely?


Do you have the correct size and strength of box?


Do you have the packing materials you need?


Even the correct carton sealing tape?



Do you really want to spend the extra time, expense, and inconvenience of trying to do it yourself?


We think INSIDE the box and have everything you need, including more than 150 box sizes in stock.


Don’t want to do it yourself? Let us do the packing for you and SAVE $$$


We are professionals, trained to pack your items, big and small,
from fragile antiques to the latest gadgets safely and securely.


For The Do-It-Yourselfer

Quality Box and Pack has one of the largest selections of packing
supplies in Columbus.  From boxes to bubble wrap to packing peanuts to
tape and much more, we have everything you need in one place.


The DOs

  • DO Use New Shipping Boxes
  • DO Wrap Fragile Items Individually
  • DO Place an Address Label Inside the Box
  • DO Consult with Quality Box and Pack Before Attempting to Ship Any Hazardous Materials
  • DO Provide a Minimum of 2 Inches of Padding Around Any Fragile or Breakable Items
  • DO Use Carton Sealing Tape (no duct tape)
  • OR Let Quality Box and Pack Do the Work For You… at lower prices than doing it yourself!


The DON’Ts

  • DON’T Wrap Shipping Boxes With Paper or Send Tied With String
  • DON’T Use Newspaper or Household Materials for Padding
  • DON’T Use Old or Flimsy Boxes
  • DON’T Use Masking Tape, Cellophane Tape, or Duct Tape To Seal Your Boxes
  • DON’T take it somewhere else… Bring it to Quality Box & Pack for the best shipping options and the friendliest service.